About Kehila.org

Kehila is a Hebrew word that means "community" or "congregation."

Kehila.org is a private community website for members of the Messianic community in Israel. Registration requires verification by a congregational leader in Israel.

The website consists of three main sections:

  1. Classified Ads: job postings, roommate/housing needs, items for sale, etc.
  2. Events Calendar: conferences, seminars, concerts, meetings, etc.
  3. Israel Directory: searchable directory of congregations, ministries, and businesses in Israel representing the different parts of the Body of Messiah.

The goal of kehila.org is simply to serve the Body of Messiah in Israel by facilitating inter-congregational communication.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who
are of the household of faith.
(Galatians 6:10)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kehila.org

Why is verification by a congregational leader required to be a member of Kehila.org?
Kehila.org is a private website for believers in Israel only. Therefore, for security reasons, we require verification to best ensure that information is not exposed to those who want to use it for wrong motives.
Can users living outside of Israel join Kehila.org?
Usually not. However, we do allow for special cases, usually when people have previously lived in Israel.
What is the difference between Kehila.COM vs. Kehila.ORG?
Kehila.com is a public website that is primarily for the international community. Kehila.org is a private inter-congregational website for the Messianic community living in Israel. On Kehila.org, content is restricted to members-only that have been verified by a Messianic leader in Israel. The primary purpose of Kehila.org is for members to post classified ads, events, and other announcements to be viewed only by other congregation members in Israel.
Who are the Kehila.org staff?
The Kehila.org staff is comprised of a team of Messianic believers in Israel who volunteer to develop and maintain the website.
Is Kehila.org in multiple languages?
Yes, Kehila.org is currently in English and Hebrew. We plan to add more languages in the future.
When was Kehila.org founded?
Kehila.org started in 2006. Kehila.com started in 2012.

Contact Kehila.org

You may contact the Kehila.org staff with any comments, questions, feedback or suggestions on how to improve the website at admin@kehila.org